Richelle Trube

Campus Coordinator

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


Bio: Richelle Trube is a medical student at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Coming from a hard sciences background, she found her way to liberty through policy debates on healthcare reform. She began attending meetings with the local Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UNT, and judging by how often she would exclaim, “whoa…that makes so much sense,” she found that her interest in liberty would soon grow beyond healthcare freedom. Through the student liberty movement, what were at first gut-feelings became supportable and communicable ideas ready and able to be spread. So now, Richelle has begun to take an active role in advancing the ideas of liberty as she plans to push the principles of free markets, private property and peace into previously untapped territory, namely medical and other professional schools. Though healthcare is of particular interest to her, she finds joy in exploring all facets of libertarian ideas and all they have to offer.

Favorite figures in liberty:

On Students For Liberty: I have and continue to experience the tremendous leap Students For Liberty is making toward a social revolution. So many individuals believe in liberty but don’t know it. I was an example of this, and from the work of Students For Liberty, I became aware and continue to grow. In joining SFL, I wish to give back all I gain. As Campus Coordinator, I aim to start one of the first student liberty groups at a medical school, where these ideas are not often discussed, yet have incredible weight in physician’s lives and practices. This work will be unbelievably rewarding, for which I am compelled say, let’s do this!