Rebecca Anzini

Campus Coordinator

Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne


Bio: Rebecca Anzini will be begin her senior year of college at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. She currently reside in San Marcos, Texas and attend Texas State University as an exchange student. Upon completing the National Student Exchange program, she will return to Fort Wayne, Indiana to complete her degree in Media & Public Communication. Additionally, she plans to minor in political science and also peace and conflict resolution studies.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ron Paul

On Students For Liberty: I first learned about Students for Liberty through the San Marcos Young Americans for Liberty chapter. The people that I met within this organization were incredibly welcoming, intellectual, kind, and enthusiastic about liberty. These fine people encouraged me to attend various conferences hosted by libertarian organizations. I was amazed to discover the intensity of this movement and immediately realized that I wanted to play a more significant role within the liberty movement. The campus coordinator position was casually discussed during the International Students for Liberty conference and quickly caught my attention. I am thrilled to be accepted as a campus coordinator for Students For Liberty. I anticipate a wonderful year filled with great experiences and exponentially growing success for the liberty movement’s message.