Noelle Mandell

Texas Programs Manager

United States

Loyola University


Bio: Noelle Mandell is currently the Co-Chair of the North American Executive Board and was the former South Central Regional Director for Students for Liberty. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she successfully brought together liberty-minded members of the community through her work as a Campus Coordinator, hosting various events such as the Texas Forum For Freedom, and founding the Liberty on the Rocks Houston chapter. In addition to her college studies and her work in the liberty movement, she is Vice President and co-organizer of Deck the Halls, a non-profit organization that creates and produces an annual parade to celebrate cultural diversity in Houston.

Now attending Loyola University in New Orleans, Noelle is working to complete her undergraduate degree majoring in Philosophy and Economics. She plans to go on to graduate school and eventually teach at the collegiate level. She is the Founding President of Liberty on the Rocks New Orleans Chapter and is excited to grow the student movement in a city with such rich historical background, as well as to promote liberty throughout South Central and beyond.

Favorite figures in liberty: Jeffrey Tucker, Ron Paul, Emma Goldman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand

On Students For Liberty:  “I want to see the ideas of liberty spread far and wide; and I see college campuses as the perfect venue to accomplish that. Students For Liberty creates a network in which liberty-minded students can effectively pursue that goal—with a multitude of resources at their disposal, the ability to connect with others in their area and work together, the opportunity to attend one of a kind entertainment and educational events, and most importantly the chance to be a part of something bigger than one could ever imagine. We are a collection of individuals with a common goal; working toward a free academy and a free society. We are part of a global community and together are making this happen.”