Nick Fong

Campus Coordinator

University of California, Merced


Bio: Nick Fong is an undergraduate at UC Merced, pursuing a BA in Economics and a Minor in Management. Although a long time fiscal conservative, he became interested in the ideas of philosophical liberalism after reading “The Road to Serfdom,” a monumental gift from his older brother. After pursuing an ideology aligning with his entrepreneurial spirit, he arrived at the ideas of liberty. He realized that his hands-off view of government in the marketplace was also applicable to all other aspects of life, and has since been interested in freedom as a whole. Nick helped co-found Students For Liberty at UC Merced and is the External Vice President. He is also a contributing writer to UC Merced’s conservative publication, The Right Side.

Favorite figures in liberty: F.A. Hayek, Lord Acton, Frederic Bastiat

On Students For Liberty: “More than ever, now is the time to get a vocal push for the advance of liberty and freedom among young college students. As a Campus Coordinator, I look forward to spreading the ideas of liberty to whomever will listen.