Nathan Kelly

Campus Coordinator

Ohio University


Bio: Nathan is an undergraduate at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio majoring in political science with a minor in economics. He mostly got interested in the liberty movement after President Obama signed healthcare reform into law my sophomore year of college. Shortly after that he found OU’s Students For Liberty group and became an active member. His main focuses are the economics of government intervention and the dismal quality of our public education system. He enjoys long walks on the beach, sleeping in, and crunchy peanut butter.

Favorite figures in liberty: F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Ron Paul, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Peter Schiff and Ayn Rand

On Students For Liberty: As a Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty I will work to connect and strengthen the grassroots movement of liberty that has grown throughout the country. I want to challenge the preconceived notions that more government is always the answer.