Mobin Koohestani

Campus Coordinator

Wake Forest University


Bio: Mobin Koohestani is an aspiring Finance major at Wake Forest University for the class of 2016. Mobin began to delve into the principles of Liberty after reading The Free Market and Its Enemies by Ludwig von Mises his Sophomore year in high school. Since then, he was the President of his high-school’s Young Americans for Liberty and Youth for Ron Paul chapter. Mobin originally sought an ideology premised on peace and prosperity after protesting in Tehran, Iran in the summer of 2009. Mobin has become a youth voice in the movement against theocratic regimes, particularly in the Middle-East, and feels that it is only through spreading the message of Liberty that long-term change can be implemented. Throughout his four years in high school, Mobin competed in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking on the national level, which greatly exposed him to the philosophies of many pro-Liberty figures. Mobin hopes to ultimately be involved in public policy.
Favorite Figures in Liberty: F. A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Robert Nozick, John Locke, and Ron Paul.
On Students for Liberty: “Often times I still cannot believe that there is an organization ran by students and is dedicated to providing resources and materials for other students across the globe. Students for Liberty is truly unique in that it sees no borders. My first Students for Liberty event was attending the 2011 University of North Texas Regional Conference, where I instantly felt connected with other youth activists. This organization has since changed my life, and I feel honored being able to help continue to spread that message to others.”