Maureen Kelly

Campus Coordinator

Pepperdine University


Bio: Maureen Kelly is currently an undergraduate student at Pepperdine University where she will receive her Bachelor’s of Art in Music degree in the Spring of 2013. While her focus is on opera performance, Maureen has a great deal of interest in the liberty movement and spreading it throughout college campuses. Despite having grown up in a household that was strongly liberty leaning, she did not really gain a self-motivated desire to discover more about the subject until her freshman year of college. During that year she was re-introduced to many of the ideals of liberty and gained an ever-increasing desire to see them spread. She attended the 2011 Students For Liberty Southern California Regional Conference and looks forward to participating in more liberty minded events.

Favorite figures in liberty: John Locke, Frederic Bastiat, Ayn Rand

On Students For Liberty: As a Campus Coordinator in the Los Angeles area, I am looking forward to sharing ideas and information with people who would otherwise only know what they have been taught in school or by mainstream media. I would like to help the liberty movement grow in students on and around my campus through the dissemination of knowledge and the growth of student groups for liberty.