Kiran Reddy

South Asia Programs Manager


Symbiosis International University


Bio: Kiran graduated with a Law Degree from Symbiosis International University in 2013. Kiran got introduced to the Ideas of Liberty in November of 2012 in the I-Policy Leadership Program conducted by Centre for Civil Society (CCS). Following up at the Asia Liberty Forum, he encountered an SFLer from Europe Aleksander Kokotovic who urged the students to apply to the Online Charter Team Leadership Program.

Kiran chose to take a sabbatical of 2 years. During which Kiran applied and became active as the Charter Team Leader in Mumbai. In 2014 he served on the inaugural Executive Board in the South Asian Region. He was instrumental in the execution of the first Domestic Local Co-ordinator Program and First Annual South Asia SFL Conference.

Kiran has a knack for structure, programs, strategy and marketing. 

Another lesser known aspect of Kiran is that in the sabbatical period he chose to engage and explore spirituality under the guidance of his mentor Mr. Linesh Sheth. Kiran accredits the foundation of his person to the voluntary work accomplished with his mentor in “School of Internal Literacy” (SOIL). 

His perspective on Liberty is Spiritual. It centres around the strength of the Human Spirit, Breaking Determinism and power/choice of Free Will. He prefers a contextual view of society and propagates Freedom with Responsibility.

 Favorite figures in liberty: Viktor Frankl, Ludwig von Mises, B.R. Shenoy, Murray Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, (Early works of) Ayn Rand