Kevin Martin

Campus Coordinator

University of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill


Bio: Kevin Martin is an undergraduate at UNC Chapel-Hill where he is pursuing a Business degree with focuses in Finance and International Business. Outside of this major, he is interested in behavioral psychology and economics, as well as studying and promoting Libertarian ideas which first caught his interest in his later high school years. After becoming a part of the UNC College Libertarians and attending an international SFL Conference, Kevin became excited about the amazing growth seen in the liberty movement and is now the Social Coordinator at Chapel Hill to assist in the future success of current liberty clubs and organizations around his campus and those waiting to be born.

Favorite figures in liberty: Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, F. A. Hayek

On Students For Liberty: “Through attending an international conference, I was able to experience an environment packed with positive energy towards the liberty movement coming from all around the world. As a Campus Coordinator, I will work to provide the knowledge and resources to enable student groups around my campus and the beautiful state of North Carolina to succeed in promoting the message of Liberty.”