Kelly Barber

Manager of Communications & Marketing

University of Florida, 2014


Bio:  Kelly graduated from the University of Florida in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Prior to joining staff, she was a member of the North American Executive Board of Students For Liberty and a Campus Coordinator. She started SFL’s Virtual Speakers Bureau, helped run the 2013 Florida Regional Conference, organizes Women For Liberty projects, and spoke at the first ever West African Regional Conference. As a student, she blogged regularly for Students For Liberty and was a Koch Summer Fellow for the James Madison Institute in 2012.

 Favorite figures in liberty: F.A. Hayek, William Easterly, Virginia Postrel, Michael Huemer, Robert Higgs

 On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty fills a critical gap in the liberty movement by supporting freedom fighters all over the world from the bottom up. As an umbrella organization that refuses to give preference to any one justification for classical liberal principles, we are creating a robust libertarian student movement that emphasizes coalition building and intellectual dialogue.”