Kelly Barber

Executive Board

University of Florida


Bio:  Kelly will complete her Bachelor’s Degree in History at the University of Florida this spring and will continue her role as Vice President of the UF Libertarians. She has previously served as a Campus Coordinator for Students For Liberty and as a Koch Summer Fellow for the James Madison Institute. She is particularly interested in the importance of culture and psychology in creating a free society and her intellectual role model is Friedrich Hayek. She hopes to pursue international work after graduating.

 Favorite figures in liberty: Robert Nozick, Friedrich Hayek, Lysander Spooner

 On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty fills a critical gap in the liberty movement by supporting freedom fighters all over the world from the bottom up. As an umbrella organization that refuses to give preference to any one justification for classical liberal principles, we are creating an even more robust libertarian student movement through coalition building and intellectual dialogue.”

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