Keith Farrell

Campus Coordinator

University of Connecticut


Bio: Keith Farrell first realized he was a libertarian during the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign.  While he had always been a staunch defender of civil liberties, it was FA Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” which dispelled many of the misconceptions he had had over central planning.  Fully convinced of the power of free markets and volunteer action, in 2011 Keith founded a local service in Torrington, Connecticut, which was named Spirits of ’76.  The club grew in size and scope and is now in the process of obtaining its national non-profit status.  Keith is president of the organization which seeks to strengthen society through the promotion of self-reliant communities by utilizing volunteer efforts to address local needs.  In his academic career Keith has served as a student senator, president of a History Association and president of the student body at the University of Connecticut’s Torrington Campus.  He will graduate in May of 2013 with a BA in American Studies, with concentration in Political Science, and Urban and Community Studies.  He plans on attending graduate school and pursuing a career in academia.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:  Thomas Jefferson, FA Hayek, Ayn Rand

On Students For Liberty: Finding an organization full of bright, intellectual and ambitious young people dedicated to building of a better world has been an invigorating experience.  It is amazing how alone I had felt in my views prior to my finding SFL.  I had no idea how broad a network existed for libertarians.  What SFL does is truly amazing; equipping the future leaders of our society with the resources and tools they need to succeed and advance liberty while providing a network of support for liberty-minded students and student organizations.  It is an organization I am very proud to be a part of.