Kavita Singh

Campus Coordinator

Southwestern University


Bio: Kavita Singh is an undergraduate at Southwestern University, a small liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas. She is currently pursuing a BA in Economics and holds interests in education and entrepreneurship. In her freshman year, she revived the SU Libertarians student group on her campus and co-founded the SU Splash program, a one-day educational event where high school students come to the university to take classes taught by Southwestern students. After interning with Bowdon Media to promote the DVD release of The Cartel, a film about public education in New Jersey, she has worked to promote National School Choice Week and increase awareness about educational reform in America. She has shown involvement in a variety of groups on campus from the school newspaper to the community garden, and currently works at the university’s Office of Civic Engagement. Graduating early, she will apply her marketing, communication and entrepreneurial experience to practice as well as preach the philosophy of liberty. In the future she hopes to start a for-profit alternative educational institution in the Central Texas area.

Favorite figures in liberty: John Taylor Gatto, Frederic Bastiat, Terry Anderson, Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, Emma Goldman, John Stossel, Ludwig von Mises

On Students For Liberty: “I hope to bring my experience at this wonderfully tiny college to help others at small colleges design their own unique strategy to promote the philosophy of liberty.”