Kara LaRose

Campus Coordinator

York College of Pennsylvania


Kara LaRose is currently a junior at York College of Pennsylvania where she is majoring in Fine Art and minoring in French. She was first introduced to libertarianism as a freshman in high school. Since then, she has tried to become politically active while learning even more about the liberty movement. After attending the 2011 Philadelphia Regional SFL Conference and the 5th annual International SFL Conference her freshman year, Kara gained a better understanding of the universal appeal of libertarian ideals and became determined to add liberty to her daily life. This will be Kara’s second year as the President of York’s Libertarian Club. She plans to continue her efforts to grow freedom while supporting the integration of the arts into the student liberty movement.

Favorite figures in liberty: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and John Locke

On Students For Liberty: “As a Campus Coordinator, I’ve seen the potential for growth in the area surrounding my campus and I want to continue to increase awareness of liberty. I would like to further grow York’s Libertarian Club while starting groups in colleges that are currently without an organized movement. Furthermore, I hope to promote the incorporation of pro-liberty art into SFL.”