Josh Cole`

Campus Coordinator

University of Florida


Bio: Josh Cole is a junior at UF majoring in History and Economics and minoring in Classical Languages. He is particularly interested in the development of social and economic thought in the industrializing world during the nineteenth century and how different patterns of industrialization and deployment of state intervention in the market influenced popular political philosophy in different countries. Having become a libertarian over an extended period from high school to his freshman year in college, he heavily read the works of philosophers and economists throughout the movement and became increasingly active, attending IHS seminars and regional and international SFL conferences, and becoming treasurer of his school’s large libertarian group. He was in charge of the media campaign for that group’s SFL award-nominated war protest on the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Afghan war.

Favorite figures in liberty: Murray Rothbard, David Friedman, Roderick Long, and Neil Peart

On Students For Liberty: I hope to use Students for Liberty’s invaluable literature, resources, and network to grow nascent liberty movements at the many state universities and myriad small colleges throughout Florida and the greater Southeast region, and to invite them to participate in more regional conferences.