Josh Clark

Campus Coordinator

University of North Texas


Bio: Josh Clark is currently an undergraduate at University of North Texas where he is double majoring in Political Science and History. He is interested in politics, law, government and philosophy. He became prone to libertarian ideas over the course of a few years in high school after finding out about how it was the best way to run a government that protected life, liberty and property. His libertarian ideas have become even sounder in college by reading more books about liberty and becoming involved in the liberty movement. Josh has been a part of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on UNT for a year and a half now and has attended two SFL regional conferences in Austin and one in Dallas.

Favorite figures in liberty: John Locke, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, F.A. Hayek

On Students For Liberty: I look forward to being a contributing part of this great organization and hope to expand the movement on campuses across the north Texas region.