Jesse Waslowski

Campus Coordinator

Queen's University


Bio: Jesse Waslowski is an undergraduate at Queen’s University where he is pursuing a major in History with a minor in French. He is interested in critically applying libertarian history to market failures that are traditionally attributed to excess capitalism, convincing the left of the benefits to libertarian market theory, and he is interested in the extent to which privatising “the commons” is possible and feasible. Jesse was originally introduced to natural rights in high school and he has used this to develop radically free social views, but he has most seriously been convinced of economic libertarianism by its beneficial consequences for human well-being.

Favourite figures in liberty: William Easterly, Bruce Meyer, Jeffrey Tucker, Mark Bils

On Students For Liberty: “As Campus Coordinator, I am looking to develop the libertarian base on Queen’s campus, and help expand inter-school libertarian communication and event sharing with McGill, Ottawa, Carleton, local Kingston colleges, and other Ontario post-secondary schools.”