Ernesto Alvarez

Campus Coordinator

University of California, San Diego


Bio: Ernesto Alvarez is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in both Linguistics and Philosophy. He was introduced to the principles of liberty while attending community college by his friends in a nearby Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter. After finding this construct that fits his own personal beliefs, he aims to show with his studies in linguistics that freedom allows for a better, more productive society, especially in the current world and age of massive information flow and meme proliferation. Ernesto is the Director of Affairs at the UCSD YAL chapter, and writes for the same school’s growing publication, The California Review.
Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ludwig von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat, William Godwin
On Students For Liberty: “I believe that the principles and methodological solutions provided by liberty are appealing to all of those who have the right information. I intend to do everything in my ability, along with the expansion of the Students For Liberty network, to educate other young minds and give them the freedom to come to this conclusion by their own individual volition.”