Ella Peterson

Campus Coordinator

University of Denver


Bio: Ella Peterson is a graduate student at the University of Denver where she is completing her MA in International Studies.  She is particularly interested in international trade and economics and how the ideas of liberty and free markets can improve people’s lives around the world.  She is a founding member of the DU Young Americans for Liberty chapter and currently serves as its treasurer.  She has been especially intrigued by the ideas of liberty since being exposed to Milton Friedman by her high school economics teacher.  Since then, she has become increasingly involved in the liberty movement.  Last spring she worked as an intern at the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank in Denver, and last summer she participated in the Koch Summer Fellowship Program in Washington, DC.  Last fall she attended the 2011 SFL Dallas Regional Conference.  She has also become actively involved in local politics, serving as a delegate to the Colorado Republican State Convention and as a precinct captain in Denver.

Favorite figures in liberty: F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, Thomas Jefferson

On Students For Liberty: As a Campus Coordinator, I am excited to strengthen the college liberty movement in Colorado.  I have a great core of dedicated people to work with thanks to our previous Colorado SFL CC and I am looking forward to working with this great network of liberty activists next year!