Dennis Craig

2011-2012 Executive Board

The George Washington University


Bio: Dennis Craig is an undergraduate at The George Washington University, where he is pursuing a degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Comparative Political, Economic, and Social Systems, as well as a regional concentration in Latin America.  Throughout middle school and high school, Dennis developed a fascination and appreciation for the African-American civil rights movement.  Passionate about civil liberties but unsatisfied with the solutions offered by the civil rights movement, Dennis remained “philosophically homeless” until Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign.  It was then that Dennis understood liberty as a single concept.  As a freshman at Temple University, Dennis was a leader in the Temple Libertarians.  He transferred to The George Washington University as a sophomore where he founded the Liberty Society; an academic organization dedicated to promoting individual, economic, civil, and political liberties.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Frederick Douglas, Milton Friedman, Ron Paul

On Students For Liberty: “I was introduced to Students for Liberty as a freshman at Temple University.  After attending a regional conference in Philadelphia, I was hooked.  It was overwhelming spending an entire weekend with so many students who were all as passionate about liberty as I was.  One regional conference and two international conferences later, I can confidently say Students for Liberty is the premier student organization in the liberty movement.  Nobody is as dedicated or successful as Students for Liberty when it comes to providing students with the knowledge and resources needed to ensure liberty triumphs!”