Corinne Curcie

Campus Coordinator

Harvard University


Bio: Corinne was introduced to the philosophy of liberty by a friend before her senior year of high school. During her freshman year at Harvard University, she recreated and developed the Harvard Libertarian Forum in order to allow libertarian students to come together and hold discussions and events. To contribute academically, she also wrote libertarian articles for the Harvard Political Review. This summer, she also participated in a week-long summer seminar to explore the ideas of liberty hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies. As a sophomore, she will study computer science while supporting and spreading liberty for students and student groups around the New England area.

Favorite figures in liberty: Frederic Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard

On Students For Liberty: “When I got to my campus last fall, the first thing I did was look for a libertarian student group on campus. However, at the activities fair, the one that was rumored to exist never showed up, and I was heartbroken. In November, I ended up attending the Students For Liberty Boston Regional Conference, where members of SFL found me and encouraged me to restart the group and keep the movement alive at Harvard. Ever since then, I’ve worked to grow liberty on my campus and cannot wait to do the same at other schools in my area.”