Clark Ruper

Vice President

University of Michigan, 2007


Bio:  Clark Ruper is a Detroit native and University of Michigan Alumnus with a commitment to community organizing and youth empowerment. Early in college he was inspired by the writings of seminal philosophers Locke, Aristotle, Bastiat, Rand, Rothbard, and Nozick. He went on to take campus leadership rolls with the UM Young Americans for Freedom, College Libertarians, Students of Objectivism, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy among others in addition to rowing on the crew team. Since graduating he has committed himself to a lifelong defense of liberty. In the past few years Clark has worked for many pro-freedom causes such as The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, and FreedomWorks. In May 2009 he assumed the great honor and burden of being the first full time staffer at Students For Liberty, which due to its focus on student empowerment has expand to over 900 student groups with full time operations on every continent in just under five years.

He has appeared on PBS’s NewsHour, Huckabee, and the STOSSEL Show with his interviews featured in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.  From personal experience he believes that student activism is imperative for bringing forth powerful ideas to change the world.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:  JS Mill, David Hume, James Madison, FA Hayek, Robert Nozick and Barry Goldwater.

On Students For Liberty:  “I first discovered Students For Liberty at the 2009 International Conference. I was instantly blown away by the quality of the organization and the enthusiasm of its members. I think this enthusiasm stems from the fact that Students For Liberty meets a market need in our movement. Most libertarian student activists across the country, myself included not too long ago, have long been isolated from one another and the resources necessary to reach their full potential. I see Students For Liberty as a bridge between the individual student activist and the resources of the growing pro-liberty movement, a group that can take our youth activities to levels never seen before.”