Christina Webb

Campus Coordinator

Texas State University, San Marcos


Bio: Christina Webb  is currently a junior pursuing a BS in Nutrition and Foods at Texas State University.  Her primary interests and concerns are health, praxeology, philosophy of morality, and individualism.  She was first introduced to libertarianism in her senior year of high school while taking AP government and economics classes.  Since her senior year, she has been actively involved in Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Young Americans for Liberty, Students For Liberty, and Texas Forum For Freedom and has found those resources to be conducive towards furthering her education and libertarian ideals.  With inspiration from liberty,  Christina has helped grow the liberty movement throughout Texas by use of innovation and communication.

Favorite figures in liberty: Ayn Rand, Henry David Thoreau, and Tom Woods

On Students For Liberty: As a campus coordinator, I really hope to build enthusiasm for liberty among local high schools and community colleges in the area.