Chris Harelson Edit
Chris Harelson

West Programs Director


Latter-Day Saint Business College


Bio: Chris is originally from Sacramento, California and has recently begun life in Salt Lake City, Utah. His interest in Liberty began in 2008 when he actively followed the presidential campaigns and kept his classmates informed concerning new developments. Chris has taken his passion to his college campus. During his first semester Chris organized and founded the Constitution Club which later became the campuses Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Chris sees a need for Liberty-minded individuals to increase their outreach to others, especially at the college level, to continue to move the ideas of Liberty forward.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Murray Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, Ron Paul, Frederic Bastiat, Mike Lee.

On Students For Liberty: “Students for Liberty transformed me from a spectator and observer of the Liberty Movement to an active participant who affects real change in society. Through SFL I have found other organizations to connect both myself and other students with to increase the successfulness of our efforts. SFL is professional and effective in providing students a forum to advance their ideas and develop new ones.”