Chelsea Krafve

Executive Board

Pepperdine University


Chelsea is a senior at Pepperdine University where she is pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. Although she was first introduced to the philosophy of liberty during her sophomore year of high school, she did not become personally involved in the liberty movement until she interned in Washington, DC the summer before her junior year of college. During this past summer, Chelsea dedicated herself to becoming a better advocate for liberty by participating in the Koch Summer Fellow Program and interning at the Cato Institute in the Budget and Tax Policy department. She is now the president of Pepperdine’s College Libertarians and is committed to spreading pro liberty ideas around her campus.

On Students for Liberty: “As Campus Coordinator of the Los Angeles area, I plan to battle apathy and raise awareness about the student liberty movement by forming new groups and strengthening existing groups on nearby campuses.  By using my own university’s College Libertarians group as an example, it is my goal to recruit more students to actively join in the fight for liberty.