Caitlyn Bates

Campus Coordinator

University of Texas, Austin


Bio: Having spent her youth rehabilitating child-aggressive dogs at local nonprofits, Caitlyn’s reckless abandon for personal safety led her to spend her adolescence trolling her peers. She wasn’t a Republican or a Democrat, so she assumed the position of a political nihilist. Then, at 16, she stumbled upon the word ‘libertarian’–she had something to call herself. Freshman year, she founded the Young Americans for Liberty at Clark University to promote liberty and provide a safe haven for those who support it. Upon transferring to the University of Texas, in her hometown of Austin, Caitlyn quickly found a home with Libertarian Longhorns, reestablished UT’s dormant Young Americans for Liberty chapter, and founded their Youth For Ron Paul chapter, which hosted a rally with over 6,000+ attendees. Caitlyn is currently an Economics major with a focus in development (specifically in Africa), Texas State Chair at YAL, and Executive Assistant at the Liberty For All superPAC.

Favorite figures in liberty: Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater, Milton Friedman, Martin Luther King, and Davy Crockett
On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty has proved to be one of the most powerful forces in the liberty movement and I look forward to working with my fabulous fellow CC’s to continue SFL’s legacy of empowering liberty-minded students around the world.”