Brittany Wilson Edit
Brittany Wilson

Blue Ridge Programs Director

North Carolina

University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Bio: Brittany is currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte double majoring in Political Science and Public Advocacy Communication, and minoring in Journalism. She enjoys playing an active role on campus and in her community and can often be found writing pro-liberty articles for her school’s newspaper and helping lead a Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Brittany spent her spring semester participating in the Koch Internship Program as an intern for Young Americans for Liberty eventually hopes to find a meaningful career as an advocate for liberty.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ron Paul, Fredric Bastiat, Friedrich A. Hayek

On Students For Liberty: “As a student advocate for liberty, being connected to a solid network of the movement’s best and brightest student activists and pro-liberty organizations is an amazing opportunity. I look forward to forming bonds with those who share my passion, being the best advocate for freedom that I can be, and learning a lot along the way with the help of SFL’s Campus Coordinator program.”