Blayne Bennett

Alumni For Liberty Board

Arizona State University


Bio: Blayne graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Finance in May 2010.  Blayne discovered Students For Liberty during her senior year and quickly became an impassioned member of the liberty movement.  After graduation, Blayne moved to DC to work full-time as SFL’s Communications Manager while participating in the Koch Associate Program.  She is currently working with eFinancial Solutions, a financial software start-up company, and does marketing and communications consulting with Bennett Consulting.

On Alumni For Liberty: “Students For Liberty changed my life, and there is no way a little thing like graduation will keep me from being involved with the student movement for liberty.  I think the greatest possibility for change lies in the hearts and minds of my generation, and Students For Liberty is helping students connect and learn from each other to effect change.  Alumni For Liberty is crucial in supporting this student-run initiative.”