Ankur Chawla

Programs Associate

University of California, San Diego


Bio: Ankur is a graduate of the University of California San Diego, in La Jolla, CA, where he majored in Political Theory and European History.  He plans on eventually pursuing graduate studies, and forming a career in public policy research.  His interests as such include international trade policy, drug policy, and foreign policy.

Ankur has been involved with pro-liberty organizations since 2009.  He served on the Executive Board of Students For Liberty for three years while in college, between 2010 and 2013.  He also worked for Reason Foundation for 1.5 years as a research assistant, contributing to publications on California policy and tax policy.  Following college, Ankur joined the staff of Students For Liberty as the Programs Associate, overseeing academic and activism programs, primarily in the United States.

His intellectual interests include postmodern social theory, institutional theory, and twentieth century political theory.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Adam Smith, Frederick Douglass, F.A. Hayek, Gerald Gaus

On Students For Liberty: “The ability of Students For Liberty to bring the student movement for liberty together on an international scale is unprecedented in the history of the movement.  It’s phenomenal growth, its unwavering dedication to the ideas of liberty, and its wild success lead me to believe that we will see some great things coming from SFL in the very near future.”

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