Andrew Lovato

Executive Board

Pepperdine University


Bio: Andrew Lovato is a senior at Pepperdine University where he is pursuing a double major in economics and political science. He was exposed to the ideas of liberty during his freshman year of college when he joined the Pepperdine Libertarians and read SFL’s first publication, The Economics of Liberty. During his junior year he worked as an SFL Campus Coordinator and joined the NAEB in the spring. This year he is organizing the Southern California Regional Conference. Additionally, he is the Regional Director of the Western Region. Comprised of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, the West Coast is an area he hopes to cultivate for SFL and the liberty movement.

Favorite figures in liberty: Frédéric Bastiat, F.A. Hayek, John Locke, Ron Paul

On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty is such a strong organization because of its philosophy of student empowerment. We take students with a passion for liberty and we give them the tools and resources to help them grow into leaders for liberty. I hope to take this philosophy and apply it to the West Coast, where the liberty movement exists in different cultures in many states. Because of this we naturally attract some of the most diverse and passionate students. It’s my goal to empower these students into strong leaders for the broader liberty movement.”