Andrew Kaluza

Executive Board, South Central Regional Director

University of Texas, San Antonio


Bio: Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  From an early age, Andrew was enamored with the ideas of liberty.  His grandfather introduced him to something he called “wisely selfish”—come to find out, his grandfather had read “The Fountainhead.”    Growing up, he watched figures like John Stossel show editorials on the correlation of the size of government paperwork to open a business to the amount of economic prosperity that country; the more paperwork, the longer and harder it was for business owners to open up businesses.  Andrew finally took on the identity of a libertarian during Ron Paul’s campaign in 2007 and 2008.  However, the ideas throughout his life led him up to the point at which he was more open to accepting the identity.  Reading Ayn Rand solidified his mindset.
Andrew founded the Young Americans for Liberty group at UTSA before joining SFL’s leadership as a Campus Coordinator and then Executive Board in 2011.  He is proud of the work he has done to grow the student movement for liberty in Texas and hopes to continue that growth to the rest of the South Central Region.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ayn Rand for the mindset, Murray Rothbard for societal morality, F.A. Hayek for strategy, Frank Chodorov for making Hayek’s strategy better, and other notable influences like Russ Roberts, Michael Strong, Matt Ridley, and Sheldon Richmond

On Students for Liberty:

“Liberty is a life-long pursuit that requires eternal vigilance for years to come. Entrepreneurship is putting one’s own creativity into the world.  SFL is about empowering students of liberty to realize their own creativity as individuals to change the world.”

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