Amar Moolayil

Campus Coordinator

Loyola University of Chicago


Bio: Amar Kumar Moolayil is an undergraduate at Loyola University of Chicago, majoring in History, Political Science, and Philosophy.  He particularly enjoys studying the 18th and early 19th centuries, both for their philosophical richness in ideas pertaining to liberty, and the implementation and institutionalization of those principles.  In addition, Amar also enjoys the intricacies of Austrian Economics and Constitutional Law.  Despite a brief flirtation with Post-New-Deal-Liberalism during his freshmen year of high school, a little soul searching and a lot of reading were the first steps in Amar’s foray into Libertarianism.  Now entering his junior year of college, he has immersed himself in the philosophy of liberty, but still searches for new bits of information daily.  As a freshman in college, Amar attended the 2010 SFL Chicago Regional Conference and was inspired to find so many like minded individuals gathered in one place.  Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to help spread the message of Peace, Liberty, and sound Money throughout the Chicagoland area.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Ron Paul

On Students For Liberty:  Students for Liberty is an amazing organization dedicated to the proliferation of the ideas of freedom.  As Campus Co-ordinator, I look forward to the opportunity to interact with others who share a similar vision and hope to spread that vision to others