Alexander Falkenstein

2011-2012 Executive Board

Arizona State University


Bio: Alexander is a senior at Arizona State University where he majors in finance. After being introduced to the Austrian School of Economics and reading Road to Serfdom in high school, Alexander began his passionate drive to advocate the importance of liberty and a free-market environment. Multiple experiences, inside and outside of the classroom, have shaped and strengthen his desire to advocate for liberty in any and every outlet society can throw at him.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Fredric Bastiat, Barry Goldwater, Murray Rothbard.

On Students for Liberty: “The battle for liberty is first won in the minds of passionate individuals. No other group of individuals is so heavily concentrated in furthering their knowledge and ambition than students on campuses around the world. SFL will be the outlet to educate and demonstrate that liberty is the essential foundation for justice and prosperity.”