Alex McHugh
Alex McHugh

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

United States

American University


Bio: Alex grew up in southeast Michigan with two younger brothers. He moved to Washington, DC to study economics and international relations at American University. During undergrad, Alex was an SFL Campus Coordinator and then a Senior Campus Coordinator and also led the AU Debate Team.  After graduation, Alex completed the Koch Associate Program while working at the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. He’s a huge nerd when it comes to philosophy, economics, and political theory, and his current pet interests include informal economic institutions, free cities, and alternative property rights regimes. He likes to spend his free time outdoors and is a sucker for strategy games.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Frederic Bastiat, F. A. Hayek, Lysander Spooner, Robert Nozick, Max Stirner, Benjamin Tucker

On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty has really changed the game when it comes to organizing young people. By taking a global perspective, SFL is able to take advantage of major advances in communications to build a long-lasting constituency for liberty. Young people are realizing that state borders mean very little and SFL’s massive growth is a direct result of this new global perspective. People are realizing that we as individuals must work together to end the abuse and overreach of governments world wide.”