Bio: Abhinav was born in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. He spent his early years in Meerut and Nagpur before moving to New Delhi to study Economics at Delhi University. During his first year in college, he participated in several Parliamentary Debates. While researching on a proposed bill, he came across a blog by Amit Varma (a Bastiat Prize Winner) which introduced him to the ideas of freedom. Another workshop he attended, which was organised by Centre for Civil Society, further increased his faith in freedom. More importantly, the workshop introduced him to a lot of pro-liberty individuals who have been friends and a constant support since. He also likes to play cricket, football and table-tennis and attend weekly reading groups. He joined SFL as a Charter Team leader in 2013 and was on the inaugural EB for South Asia in 2014. He was the Conference Director of the first South Asia SFL Conference in January 2015 and is now serving as a Programs Manager in the region.