Peace, Love, & Liberty: A New Book

Introducing Peace, Love, & Liberty. A new book from Students For Liberty & The Atlas Network.

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We are a generation raised on war. College and high school students today do not remember a time when the United States was not at war somewhere in the world.  Across the globe the War on Drugs has been destroying lives and ravaging communities for forty years with nothing to show for it. From watching the mainstream media, a young person would believe we live in a world of increasing violence and savagery.

Fortunately there is good news. Violence around the world is and has been declining. Research by famed Harvard evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker (a contributor to this book) shows that deaths from war, murder, and violence generally are at an all-time low as a percentage of the population. There is proof that we as a species can do better, and we must.

We are a generation dedicated to peace. We have seen the follies of our political leaders and are dedicated to ensuring that those mistakes are not repeated. We believe that peace is a choice. War is not inevitable, we can do better. We believe that the power of peaceful cooperation – harnessed through free markets, trade, and mutual respect – can and is changing the world.

That is why we are publishing our next book, Peace, Love, Liberty. Produced in conjunction with The Atlas Network and edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, this book shows that libertarianism is the philosophy of peace and how our ideas are making the world a safer place. These books are an invaluable resource for recruiting new members into your group and spreading the message of peace and freedom. Drawing on the disciplines of history, philosophy, poetry, literature, and psychology, Peace, Love, Liberty shows that peace is possible and how we can achieve it.

Contributor list:

  • Professor Steven Pinker, Harvard University
  • Radley Balko, The Washington Post
  • Tom G. Palmer, The Atlas Network
  • Sarah Skwire, Liberty Fund
  • Professor Robert M. S. McDonald, United States Military Academy
  • Justin Logan, The Cato Institute
  • Cathy Reisenwitz, Young Voices
  • With poetry from Wilfred Owen and Mark Twain
  • And more!

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