Objectivist Kits

Students For Liberty is pleased to announce our latest addition to the spring 2013 student resource line-up: Objectivist Kits!

Do you often wonder if you’re the only Objectivist on your campus? Or are you fresh to the ideas of Objectivism and searching for a way to find peers with similar interest? Do you simply want someone else on campus to understand your allusions to Galt, Taggart, Rearden and Roark? Students For Liberty has just the resource for you. Our new Objectivist Kits can help Objectivist-leaning students of all levels with campus outreach, whether you’re aiming to find veterans of the philosophy or introduce newcomers to Rand’s ideas.

Each Objectivist Kit includes:

  • “Who is John Galt” banner
  • Objectivist stickers
  • SFL stickers
  • Buttons
  • “Why Read Rand?” handouts from The Atlas Society
  • Bottle openers
  • SFL sign-up sheets
  • Copies of “The Morality of Capitalism”

Click here to order your Objectivist Kit today!