Megan Roberts

Name: Megan Roberts

Position: Communications Manager

Email: MRoberts@StudentsForLiberty.org

School: University of Missouri

Bio:  Megan Roberts was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She studied history and art history at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and graduated in December 2011. She first became involved with Students For Liberty at CPAC 2010, and she served in SFL’s inaugural Campus Coordinator class her junior year of college. She helped found the University of Missouri Young Americans for Liberty Chapter, and worked with students from all over the state to bring new leaders into SFL’s network and start new student groups. After graduating in December 2011, Megan joined SFL’s full time staff as Communications Manager.

Favorite Figures in Liberty:  Milton Friedman, Thomas Jefferson

On Students For Liberty:  “SFL was a beacon of freedom for me in college. I was stuck in the left-right-Democrat-Republican paradigm, and Students For Liberty showed me that there was another way: a path to a truly free society. SFL has reached out to students like me all across the globe, and is making a tangible impact on college campuses through outreach, education, and activism.”

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