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Because of the international size and broad scope of our operations, SFL is frequently featured in the media. We strive to maintain active relationships with media outlets for everything from news stories about our operations to opinion pieces by our leaders. If you are a journalist seeking questions about SFL or commentary from our leadership, please contact Director of Communications Casey Given at [email protected].

Press Passes

To encourage press coverage of SFL, media registration to all of our public events is free of charge. SFL throws 50+ Regional Conferences across the world every year as well as our keynote event, the International Students For Liberty Conference, which draws 1,700+ attendees annually. Below is a link to our upcoming events with instructions on how to apply for a press pass:

YoungVoices_logo_clr-01Young Voices

As a result of the great media demand for political commentary from Millennials, SFL launched Young Voices in 2013 as our organization’s public relations wing. Young Voices maintains a network of 50+ libertarian pundits under the age of 35 who regularly comment on current events via op-eds, radio, and television. Check out Young Voices’ website for a comprehensive list of all of our Advocates and media hits. Contact Editor Patrick Hannaford if you are interested in seeking an Advocates’ commentary at [email protected]. Finally, if you are an aspiring libertarian pundit under 35, apply to become an Advocate — applications are open year-round!

Top 5 Media Hits of 2014-15

While SFL’s media hits are almost too many to quantify, we tracked 1,317 in our 2014-15 Fiscal Year. The following is a list of what we consider to be our top five over the past year. Find five more in our Annual Report, including another Top 10 list for Young Voices.

MSNBC – GOP pushback on medical marijuana
SFL President Alexander McCobin appeared on The Reid Report to discuss the Republican pushback in Congress against the District of Columbia’s marijuana legalization.

Politico – Beware GOP: Millennials Don’t Like What We’re Hearing

SFL’s growth was highlighted in a profile of the Millennial libertarian movement by Benjamin Domench:

Students for Liberty has added more than 100,000 members and Young Americans for Liberty has formed more than 500 chapters.

Bloomberg – Bow Ties and Slam Poetry: This is Libertarianism in 2015

David Weigel highlights the many diverse faces of ISFLC15:

At most other gatherings of young politicos, in February 2015, there’d be at least some focus on electoral politics. There was almost none of that at the Students for Liberty conference. Libertarian was their counter-culture; it contained multitudes. Most of them had only ever been involved in politics during the presidency of Barack Obama. Many of their fellow refuseniks had been attracted to the Occupy movement. They were not, but it was perfectly natural for them to start progressive outreach clubs on campus, or anti-war campaigns, or campaigns to decriminalize drugs. Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, came to theirconference—of all the confabs that invade Washington—to call the drug war “an absolute failure.” Of course he did.

Time – Libertarianism is on the Verge of a Political Breakout

Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz highlights SFL’s activism across the world:

Two national student organizations Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty now take libertarian ideas to thousands of college campuses in the United States and well beyond.

ReasonTV – What We Saw at the Students For Liberty Conference 2015

Joshua Swain and Robert Mariani capture the sights and sounds of ISFLC15: