Liberty 101


Liberty 101 is an online course produced by Students For Liberty and Learn Liberty in which you will learn about the principles of a free society from a libertarian perspective. Explore 10 fundamental principles for a free and prosperous society as they relate to the ideas of philosophy, economics, and law.

photoLiberty 101 is broken up into the following three sections:

  • Philosophy & Liberty – Prof. Peter Jaworski from Georgetown University covers the concept of liberty, individualism, toleration, and peace.
  • Economics & Liberty – Prof. Diana Thomas from Creighton University covers the market process, skepticism of power, and civil society.
  • Law & Liberty – Prof. Christopher Koopman from George Mason University covers spontaneous order, rule of law, and limited government.

Begin Course
Here’s what James Michel, a member of SFL’s Charter Teams program in Haiti, had to say about the course:

Liberty 101 is very helpful … to any[one] who wants to learn about liberty. It’s so simple and clearly explains what life in a free society is. It’s very consistent and the speakers know how to take the best examples to help you understand what they preach.

I can also say that the course can help a young student to question the society he lives in, to question himself about the laws that he obeys, about the legitimacy of the institutions that he is member of, [and] about the legality of the decisions that his government has taken.