Liberty Fund Symposia

Exploring the Foundations of a Free Society

Starting in 2011, Students For Liberty partnered with the Liberty Fund Inc. to host a new project for students with a passion for developing their intellectual understanding of liberty – The Students For Liberty & Liberty Fund Symposia: Exploring the Foundations of a Free Society.

Founded in 1960 by Indianapolis businessman and lawyer Pierre F. Goodrich, The Liberty Fund, Inc. is a private, educational foundation established to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals.  Their logo, the Amagi, is the earliest-known written appearance of the word “freedom.”

In 2013-2014, we successfully hosted 3 co-sponsored symposia and are excited to announce that we will be holding 3 more in 2014-2015.  These three-day events are built around a Socratic discussion of the topic between fifteen student participants and an academic discussion leader.  Over the past fifty years,scores of aspiring intellectuals have attended Liberty Fund events to discuss and debate the ideas of liberty with their brightest peers.

Applications to these events are very competitive.  The ideal candidate is eager to contribute to a lively intellectual discussion on the topic at hand.  Each attendee will be required to complete a set of readings leading up to the symposium (readings provided by SFL).  Participation in the entire symposium is mandatory, so do not apply unless you can attend all sessions. Housing, meals, and materials for all Liberty Fund events will be provided by SFL.  Transportation to and from the conference is the responsibility of the participant.

Check back soon for announcements on our next Liberty Fund Symposium or email khartz@studentsforliberty.org for more information.