Leadership Handbooks

SFL publications provide authoritative analysis on best practices for running student organizations dedicated to liberty. These publications are the product of aggregating information and data on how students run organizations for liberty around the U.S. By compiling comprehensive accounts of how to effectively organize students, these handbooks will help transfer knowledge between individuals for the common cause of liberty.


Leading Liberty:
A Comprehensive Guide to Liberating Your Campus

This comprehensive guide covers all of the keys aspects of student organizing for liberty. If you don’t have a student organization, you’ll learn how to start one. You’ll learn the best ways to promote and execute successful events, raise awareness about your organization and the issues you care about, keep your group well resourced, and ensure that the fight for liberty does not end when you receive your diploma. You can also access individual chapters below.

Chapter 1: How to Start a Student Organization for Liberty
This handbook provides a ten-step process for creating a successful student group.

Chapter 2: Strategic Action Plan Handbook
A strategic action plan is crucial to building a lasting organization.  Your student group will have a much more productive year, and you can cut down plenty of stress for yourself, if you take the time to develop a strategic action plan. Be sure to check out our Sample Strategic Action Plan as well.

  • Mise en place d’un Plan d’Action Stratégique La rédaction d’un plan d’action stratégique est indispensable à la pérennité de votre association. En prenant le temps de mettre en place un plan d’action stratégique, votre groupe étudiant sera bien plus productif au cours de l’année, et cela vous épargnera une bonne dose de stress”

Chapter 3: Successful Tabling Handbook
This guide goes over some techniques for improving your on-campus tabling. It is designed to help you attract students to your table as well as hold meaningful conversations with those who come to your table. If you plan on tabling for liberty this guide is for you. It works great with the supplies you get from the Operation Politically Homeless Kit as well as Students For Liberty’s Tabling Kit.

Chapter 4: Activism Events Handbook
This handbook provides a 5 step plan for hosting a student protest for liberty as well as many tips and insights to make sure that your protest for liberty is successful!

Chapter 5: Speaking Event Handbook
This handbook will walk you through the process of bringing a speaker to your campus.  Follow the steps outlined, and you’re certain to make an impact!

Chapter 6: Leadership Transition Handbook
As an officer, it is not enough to build and run a good organization; one of your missions should be to leave your organization in the hands of students that will continue to build on your accomplishments.  This handbook will help make sure that your student organization continues to thrive after you graduate.

Sample Constitution

2014-2015 Activism Guide by Tuck Kennedy

Sample Executive Board Handbook
One of the most effective means of transitioning leadership is to produce and pass down an Executive Board Handbook that provides pertinent information to the new Executive Board about how to run the organization.  Check out SFL’s Sample Executive Board Handbook as an example of what you can produce.

College Students: The Future & The Present 
SFL’s Executive Director, Alexander McCobin, wrote “College Students: the Future & the Present” for the State Policy Network’s 2009 January/February Newsletter.  The article covers the importance of state-based think tanks supporting students, how think tanks can identify students, and the best ways think tanks can help students.

Intellectual Ammunition
Hayek – Los Intelectuales y el Socialismo

Introducing a Special Spanish-language edition of “The Intellectuals and Socialism” by Friedrich Hayek