leading-liberty-rotatorSFL publications provide authoritative analysis on best practices for running student organizations dedicated to liberty. These publications are the product of aggregating information and data on how students run organizations for liberty around the U.S. By compiling comprehensive accounts of how to effectively organize students, these handbooks will help transfer knowledge between individuals for the common cause of liberty.

Leading Liberty: A Comprehensive Guide to Liberating Your Campus is a detailed guide covering all of the keys aspects of student organizing for liberty including how to start a student organization, the best ways to promote and execute successful events, how to raise awareness about your organization and the issues you care about, how to keep your group well resourced, and how to ensure that the fight for liberty does not end when you receive your diploma. You can check out the table of contents here:

  • Clothing DriveChapter 1: How to Start A Student Organization for Liberty
  • Chapter 2: Strategic Action Plan Handbook
  • Chapter 3: Successful Tabling Handbook
  • Chapter 4: Activism Events Handbook
  • Chapter 5: Speaking Event Handbook
  • Chapter 6: Leadership Transition Handbook
  • Sample Constitution
  • Sample Executive Board Handbook
  • College Students: The Future & the Present

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