Free Speech Resources

Students For Liberty is excited to announce our second annual Free Speech Kits! With the recent success of free speech walls across the world, we will be coordinating with student leaders all over the globe to organize activism events to promote and defend free speech.

We hope your student group will join us in the fight for free speech during the month of March. SFL is partnering with several great organizations including the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education to help provide you the resources you need to make Free Speech activism happen on your campus:


Host a Speaker
Hosting a FIRE Speaker on your campus can be a great way for your group to learn more about the issues you face in securing free speech rights on campus while also bringing greater attention to the issues to your student body. Check out FIRE’s page on hosting a speaker for more info.

If you are interested in attending one of these events and would like more information regarding time and place please contact Jennifer Jones at jjones@studentsforliberty.org for more information.

More Ideas for Action

Attend SFL’s First Set of Online Courses in Organizing Webinars with Morgan Wang
Morgan Wang, a member of SFL’s Executive Board, will be running a series of three webinars focusing on how students can advance free speech on campus.

  • Session 1- Advancing Free Speech at Your Campus 101
    • During the first session, Morgan will fill you in on what exactly Free Speech Week is, SFL’s history of helping students host Free Speech Week Events, the purpose of activism surrounding this issue, club activism event ideas, how to prepare your group for your events, how to get free resources and materials, and what goals you should set to maximize the campus exposure and overall success. 

  • Session 2: Is Your Campus Group Ready For Free Speech Week?
    • During the second session, Morgan will highlight important questions such as: 
      • Is everything ready? 
      • If doing a wall, has space been reserved? 
      • Is the administration on board? 
      • Are you prepared for opposition? 
      • Have you contacted local media? 
      • Which information should you record? (# people, pictures, club signups)

Create a free speech wall or better yet, a free speech ball!

free speech ball

Write an Op-Ed
A well written editorial in your school or local newspaper can go a long way to inspiring others to take action with you. Check out FIRE’s great tips on Op-Ed writing here: http://www.thecfn.org/resources/op-ed-tips If you get published email a link to jjones@studentsforliberty.org and you might be featured on our website!

Contact your Administrators
Get the ball rolling by writing or getting in touch to your administrators about the policies that violate free speech on your campus. Not sure what those are? Check out your school’s rating on FIRE’s spotlight database.

Host a Social Event
Our right to freedom of speech is always worth celebrating! Host a group social at the end of the week as a reward to a job well done fighting the good fight on campus. Some group bonding time will help solidify your members resolve to keep at it.

Join the Campus Freedom Network
Register here to be a member of FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network.

Tell us what your doing! If your group is participating in Free Speech Week we’d love to hear about what your up to. Let us know about your activities or about any questions you have by contacting SFL’s North American Leadership Programs Manager, Monica Lucas at mlucas@studentsforliberty.org.