2014 SFL New Orleans Regional Conference

Last year the New Orleans Regional Conference brought in over 200 pro-liberty students and we look forward to seeing even more at the 2014 conference! This year we will be hosting more Regional Conferences than ever before with 21 North American conferences from coast to coast. These all-day Saturday events are organized by students, for students. Registration is free and includes three free meals and drinks at our evening socials.

Our fall Regional Conferences feature talks from some of the most impressive libertarian movers and shakers in the world such as David Boaz, Lawrence W. Reed, Tom G. Palmer, Jeffrey Tucker, Dr. David Friedman, Shikha Dalmia, Matt Welch, and Nick Gillespie. These events also feature interactive breakout sessions, workshops, and engaging socials so students can get to know and learn from one another.



Attendees at the first New Orleans Regional Conference last year!

Whether you’ve never heard of libertarianism or are a senior student leader for liberty, our fall regional conferences have something for you. Many students will have the light bulb turn on for the first time after being introduced to the principles of classical liberalism while more advanced participants will have the opportunity to find summer internships and hone their activism skills. All student attendees are guaranteed to walk away from these events energized and inspired to get to work on their college campuses promoting the ideas of freedom.

In addition to bringing home free books and t-shirts, students will gain a deeper understanding of the ideas of liberty, opportunities for professional advancement, and a network of like-minded people to support them in their future endeavors. Regional Conferences remind us that we aren’t alone and give us a rare opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate freedom.

    • Where: Tulane University, Richardson Building (Room 117) – New Orleans, LA
    • When: October 25, 2014
    • Conference: 9am-8pm
    • Social: 8pm-10pm
    • Cost: FREE of charge
    • Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/668932173182045/?ref=5 (Help us spread the word & invite your friends!)
    • Friday Night Preconference Social: Join us Friday night for a screening of “Locked Out: A Mississippi Success Story” and Q&A with special guest Melony Armstrong! The Charles Koch Institute is sponsoring this event, so food and drinks will be provided to those in attendance. For more information visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/734413333275099/


Keynote Speaker – Roderick Long

Dr. Long (A.B. Harvard 1985, Ph.D. Cornell 1992) specializes in Greek philosophy; moral psychology; ethics; philosophy of social science; and political philosophy (with an emphasis on libertarian/anarchist theory). He has also taught medieval philosophy and eastern philosophy. He is the author of Reason and Value: Aristotle Versus Rand (Objectivist Center, 2000) and Wittgenstein, Austrian Economics, and the Logic of Action (Routledge, forthcoming 2015); editor of The Industrial Radical; and co-editor of Anarchism/Minarchism: Is a Government Part of a Free Country? (Ashgate, 2008) and of the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. He runs the Molinari Institute and Molinari Society; serves as webmaster and archivist for the Alabama Philosophical Society; blogs at Austro-Athenian Empire and Bleeding Heart Libertarians; serves as faculty advisor to the AU Libertarians and AU Young Americans for Liberty; and is a senior fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society, a senior scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and a co-founder of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left.

Nicholas Capaldi

Insitute for Humane Studies

Nicholas Capaldi is Legendre-Soulé Distinguished Chair in Business Ethics at Loyola University, New Orleans.  He also serves as Director of the National Center for Business Ethics.  Professor Capaldi received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. from Columbia University.  His principal research and teaching interest is in public policy and its intersection with political science, philosophy, law, religion, and economics.   He is the author of 7 books, over 80 articles, and editor of six anthologies.  He is a member of the editorial board of six journals and has served most recently as editor of Public Affairs Quarterly. Professor Capaldi’s recent publications include articles on corporate social responsibility, the ethics of free market societies, and an intellectual biography of John Stuart Mill in connection with which he was recently interviewed on C-SPAN’s Booknotes.

George Crowley

Institute for Humane Studies Speaker Series

George R. Crowley is an Assistant Professor of Economics and member of the Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University in Troy, AL.  He earned his Ph.D. in economics from West Virginia University, and his undergraduate degree from Mercer University.  His research focuses on topics in public economics and constitutional political economy, with a specific emphasis on constraining government.  He has had articles appear in journals such as Economic Inquiry, Southern Economic Journal, Public Choice, and Constitutional Political Economy.  At Troy, he teaches Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Public Finance, Econometrics, and a course on the Economic and Moral Foundations of Capitalism.

 Robert Higgs

Robert Higgs is senior fellow in Political Economy for the Independent Institute. He received his Ph.D. in economics from John Hopkins University and has taught at the University of Washington, Lafayette College, Seattle University, and the University of Economics in Prague. He has also been a visiting scholar at Oxford University and Stanford University. He is the author of Crisis and Leviathan, Delusions of Power, Depression, War, and Cold War, Neither Liberty Nor Safety, Resurgence of the Warfare State Against Leviathan, and other books. He is also the editor of Opposing the Crusader State, The Challenge of Liberty, Arms, Politics, and the Economy, and other books.



Thaddeus Russell

Thaddeus Russell is a historian and cultural critic and the author of A Renegade History of the United States (Free Press/Simon & Schuster). He teaches American history and cultural studies at Occidental College and has taught history, American Studies, and the history of philosophy at Columbia University, Barnard College, the New School for Social Research, and Eugene Lang College.

Russell’s first book, Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa and the Re-Making of the American Working Class, was published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2001. He is a frequent contributor to Reason and has written for The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, New York MagazineThe Los Angeles TimesThe Boston GlobeThe Christian Science Monitor, Salon, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He has also published scholarly essays in American Quarterlyand The Columbia History of Post-World War II America.

Russell is a frequent guest on “The Independents” and “Stossel” on Fox Business Network, and was featured in “Mankind: The Story of All Of Us” and Henry Rollins’s “10 Things You Don’t Know About” on the History Channel.


Marsha Familaro Enright

Marsha is an education entrepreneur based in Chicago. As founder and president of The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute, she is working to open a new college with an innovative program that radically increases individual autonomy and knowledge. The Institute now runs weekend and summer seminars using this program. She founded Council Oak Montessori school for children ages three to fifteen in 1990, named twice in Chicago Magazine as a top private elementary school. She created Montessori-style curriculum for Camp Indecon (1999-2007), to teach children the basics of philosophy, free market economics, and personal self-awareness. She founded one of the oldest continuing Objectivist salons, The New Intellectual Forum. She is the editor of the recently-published Ayn Rand Explained: From Tyranny to Tea Party, which includes entirely new material from her own experiences with Ayn Rand. Marsha has also published a wide range of articles, from research work to brief opinion pieces. Topics include psychology, neuropsychology, human development, creativity and optimal experience, literature, culture, history, politics and philosophy in The Daily Caller, Real Clear Politics, Objectivity, The New Individualist, The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, Tomorrow’s Child, and Free Voices. She is on the Advisory Board of The Atlas Society.


Isaac Morehouse

Isaac Morehouse is an entrepreneur, thinker, and communicator dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. He is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an intensive ten-month program combining real world business experience with the best of online education for those who want more than college. Isaac previously worked at the Institute for Humane Studies where he raised support for the institute’s programs, mentored students, and directed educational programs. Prior to IHS, Isaac was at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy where he created and directed Students for a Free Economy. Morehouse loves connecting people and helping them discover and realize their dreams. He’s been involved in a number of business and non-profit start-ups, run a taxpayer advocacy group, and played in a very mediocre band in college. Isaac writes, speaks and teaches on entrepreneurship, economics, philosophy, freedom, communication skills, how to change the world and an assortment of other topics. He holds a master’s degree in economics with a focus on the Austrian School from the University of Detroit Mercy, and a bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from Western Michigan University.

Maggie McNeill

Maggie McNeill was a librarian in suburban New Orleans, but after divorce economic necessity spurred her to take up sex work; from 1997 to 2006 she worked first as a stripper, then as a call girl and madam.  She eventually married her favorite client, retired, and moved to a ranch in the rural Upper South.  There she writes a daily blog called “The Honest Courtesan” (http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/) which examines the realities, myths, history, lore, science, philosophy, art, and every other aspect of prostitution; she also reports sex work news, critiques the way her profession is treated in the media and by governments, and is frequently consulted by academics and journalists as an expert on the subject.


Angela Keaton

Angela Keaton, the Director of Operations for Antiwar.com, the best and most important foreign policy website which is libertarian owned and staffed since 1995. She is the former producer of Antiwar.com radio with Scott Horton.





Leo Kransozhon

Dr. Leo Krasnozhon is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Joseph A. Butt College of Business at Loyola University New Orleans. Leo received his Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University in 2010. His dissertation studied Ukraine’s post-socialist economic development.  Leo’s research interest is primarily in economics and politics of post-socialist countries, in particular, Ukraine. His research was featured in popular media outlets, including the World Politics Review, the Ukrainian Weekly, the Kyiv Post, and the EU Reporter. Leo has several publications mainly in the fields of political economy, economic development, and Austrian economics. His research has been published in the Journal of Private Enterprise, Review of Austrian Economics, and Economic Change and Restructuring.


Student Activism Breakout

International SFL Panel – Yavnika Khanna (Mumbai University), Lukas Schweiger  (Reykjavik, Iceland), Clint Townsend (SFL’s Director of Leadership, Talent, & Activism)

From Student Activist to Liberty Professional – Corie Whalen (Generation Opportunity), David Deerson (FIRE), Kyle Platt (Liberty.me)


Campus Activism Panel – Katelyn Fife (Texas State University), Brian Walsh (University of New Orleans, Wade Craig (University of Oklahoma)


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