ESFL Webinar Series

European Students For Liberty has launched a series of live online seminars to provide students throughout Europe with access to academic lectures and advice on activism and career building. Our online seminars are a wonderful resource for students who are seeking educational opportunities beyond their classroom. Now you can connect directly to prominent thinkers and activists in the liberty movement from the comfort of your own room! Students from all over the world are invited to listen to our live streaming lectures and participate in a live question and answer session after each session.

Upcoming Webinar: Tuesday, May 1st 8:00pm CET.

“The Myth of the Socialist Paradise Sweden” with Joakim Fagerström


Sweden is often used to prove that Socialism “works”. Isn’t Sweden the country where everyone is happy and everything is free!? Where no one pays and everyone benefits?! Sweden has the reputation of having the best – or only – functional welfare state: The famous “third way.” Today even Swedish liberals and libertarians are spreading a myth that Sweden is privatizing the government industries. This webinar will debunk these myths and describe the real situation from a free market perspective. Joakim Fagerström is the founder and president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Sweden and a Swedish Senior Fellow at the Cobden Centre. He is a consultant and lectures and writes about the ethics of liberty and Austrian economics.

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Previous ESFL Webinars

“Justice Without the State” with Professor Boudewijn Bouckaert


The link between legal systems and government has always been a hot topic among classical liberals and libertarians. This webinar will provide thought provoking examples of how law could be provided for without the state. The webinar will also question whether a legal system without the state would lead to beneficial results. The webinar will be presented by Professor Boudewijn Bouckaert, a classical liberal activist from Belgium. Professor Bouckaert teaches in the Law Faculty of Ghent University. He is the chairman of the Flemish classical liberal institute Libera!

Summer Opportunities for Liberty with European Students For Liberty 

Summer is a time of sun, relaxation… and learning! During the vacation months many institutes around the world organize all kinds of activities such as camps, conferences and seminars. These events, often aimed at young people and students, are designed to help you improve your knowledge of the ideas of liberty and to meet like-minded individuals from around the world. This webinar will give an overview of the opportunities that are available in Europe, and provide all the information you need for an enjoyable and enlightening summer.

“What about Gold?” with Claudio Grass

The global financial markets have been in turmoil during recent years. Many have serious doubts about the stability of the fiat currencies that are one of the foundations of the financial system. But what are the alternatives to the current system and is there a way to protect yourself against a possible breakdown? These are the questions that we will look into during this webinar. Claudio Grass is Director of Precious Metals Services at the Swiss-based precious metals company Global Gold. He will be presenting his views on this matter based on his experience in the field.

“Does Democracy Really Lead to Solidarity, Prosperity and Liberty?” with Frank Karsten 

 Frank Karsten will be presenting the ideas from his new book Beyond Democracy. Democracy is almost universally upheld as the ideal political system. It has come to symbolize everything from civilised and progressive society to human rights and justice. Frank Karsten is the chairman of the Stichting Meer Vrijheid, a Dutch organization that works to reduce taxes and government interference in our lives. In this webinar, Frank Karsten will be taking a critical view of democracy and going head to head with the idea that our salvation lies in democracy.

“Where Are All the Libertarians Coming From?” with Anton Howes

Why is the pro-liberty movement growing so rapidly? What steps can you take to help it advance? Why is the movement becoming popular with students and young people? Find out with Anton Howes, as he explains how the movement is growing, why you should get involved, and shares effective strategies for setting up student societies and promoting liberty on your campus.

“Markets and Prohibitions” with Josef Šíma

ESFL kicked off our online seminar program with Professor Šíma of the CEVRO Institute in Prague. Professor Šíma explored the crippling repercussions of the prohibition of peaceful activities and exchanges, touching upon various controversial topics, including organ trade.


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