Salomon-Morris Society

The Salomon-Morris Society consists of the most committed SFL supporters who donate $5,000 or more in a single year.

The name of this society is derived from Hyam Salomon and Robert Morris, two of the principal financiers of the American Revolution. Without their support, the US would have never been able to become a free and independent country. Their influence on the war is commemorated with a statue in Chicago, depicting the two side by side with George Washington, as seen below. The outline of this statue will be the symbol of the Salomon-Morris Society.

Anyone who donates $5,000 or more in a year will join the society. Benefits of membership include:

  • More frequent and detailed updates on SFL’s operations to see how SFL is functioning
  • Special, private briefings at SFL events
  • Special, SMS-member only meetings to network with other critical supporters of the student movement for liberty

If you want to join the Salomon-Morris Society in time to participate in this special briefing, please make your donation today, or contact Alexander McCobin at [email protected]

Salomon-Morris Society Members

John Aglialoro
Apgar Foundation
Cliff Asness
Atlas Network
Balyasny Asset Management
Scott Banister
Beach Foundation
Margaret Bowman
Louis Carabini
Cato Institute
CLAWS Foundation
Don Cowles
George Daniels
Arthur Dantchik
Dunn Foundation for the Advancement of Right Thinking
European Center of Austrian Economics
Robert Gelfond
Everardo & Elena Goyanes
Dan Grossman
JP Humphreys Foundation
Manny & Willette Klausner
Koret Foundation
Jay Lapeyre
Richard Lee
Robert A. Levy
Ken Levy & Frayda Levin
Levy Family Foundation
Liberty Fund
Lowndes Foundation
Daniel Fylstra
Bart Madden
Stephen Modzelewski
Gerry Ohrstrom
Bill Pennock
Dave & Karin Peterson
Pierre F. & Enid Goodrich Foundation
John Ramsey
Richard E. Fox Charitable Foundation
James Rodney
Alvin & Beverly Rosenberg
Chris Rufer
Karrie Rufer
Rick Rule
John Sabat
Saxo Bank
Searle Freedom Trust
Donald & Paula Smith Family Foundation
Mark Taube
Thiel Foundation
The Atlas Society
Lobo Tiggre
Vernon K. Krieble Foundation
Dick & Pat Wallace
Chris & Meg Whitten
Jeff Yass
Fred Young