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Students For Liberty
1101 17th Street NW, Suite 810
Washington, DC 20036



Students For Liberty
1101 17th St. NW, Suite 810
Washington D.C., 20036


Directory By Topic

General Inquiriesinfo@studentsforliberty.org

Donating – Clark Ruper, cruper@studentsforliberty.org

Media Inquiries – Fred Roeder, froeder@studentsforliberty.org

Events - Kelly Jemison, kjemison@studentsforliberty.org

Region – Europe – Yaël Ossowski, yossowski@studentsforliberty.org

Region – Africa – Olumayowa Okediran, ookediran@studentsforliberty.org

Region – Latin America – Julio Clavijo,  jclavijo@studentsforliberty.org

Region – Brazil - Juliano Torres, jtorres@studentsforliberty.org

Region – All Other International Requests -Irena Schneider, ischneider@studentsforliberty.org


General Inquiries, North America – Matt Needham, mneedham@studentsforliberty.org

United States, Northeast Region – Matthew LaCorte, mlacorte@studentsforliberty.org

United States, Mid-Atlantic Region – Gregory Burr, gburr@studentsforliberty.org

United States, Southeast Region – Barbara Sostaita, bsostaita@studentsforliberty.org

United States, Great Lakes Region – Elise Thompson, ethompson@studentsforliberty.org

United States, Great Plains Region – Dan Humbrecht, dhumbrecht@studentsforliberty.org

United States, South Central Region – Noelle Mandell, nmandell@studentsforliberty.org

United States, Western Region – Andrew Lovato, alovato@studentsforliberty.org

Canada – David Clement, dclement@studentsforliberty.org


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