Conference Policy

Hosting Policy

The philosophy of Students For Liberty is to sponsor and provide a forum of support for student organizations at the college level in our effort to help them thrive and build up a strong student movement for academic, social, and economic freedoms across the U.S and the world.

SFL sponsors all regional conferences and the annual international Students For Liberty conference through successful student-run organizations for liberty in various universities across the country. The role of SFL is to facilitate and support these events to help the hosting student organization build a student movement for liberty from the bottom up.

Like the rest of the programs and opportunities provided by SFL, an SFL conference cannot occur or thrive without a capable hosting student organization for liberty in a particular university. SFL cannot exist at all without individual students and student-run organizations. While SFL sponsors and facilitates its conferences, the role of host belongs to individual university organizations promoting liberty.

Speaker Policy

Because SFL is a young organization with limited resources, we are unable to provide financial compensation or cover expenses for speakers at our conferences. All speakers, including Keynotes, show up on a voluntary basis.

All speakers are invited to participate in the entirety of an SFL conference, in which meals and social events are covered for the entire duration of the conference.

Want to speak at an SFL conference? Contact Clark Ruper at cruper@studentsforliberty.org

Registration Policy

Registration is mandatory for all attendees of an SFL conference. While registration forms vary for each conference, all conferences require accordance with the statement (included in all forms) below.

By submitting my application to the _________ Students For Liberty Conference, I agree that if accepted to the conference and choose to attend that I will be a representative of my school, my organization and myself with the purpose of gaining a greater understanding of liberty and how to promote it on campus. To that end, I will attend all lectures, workshops and other conference events. I will show respect towards other conference participants and speakers. I also give permission to the conference to take my photograph and use it for purposes as deemed necessary by Students For Liberty.

To find a registration form for an SFL conference, check our conference page at www.politicalconferences.org

Dress Code

To show respect to speakers and fellow peers, attendees should wear business casual attire during the conference.

Other questions?

Other information (accommodations, transportation, directions, itineraries, etc.) is specific to each conference. Make sure to visit our conference page at www.politicalconferences.org and contact your regional director if you have questions or concerns about a conference.