November was a busy month at Students For Liberty.

Read the highlights of what our North American team has been up to!

Free pro-liberty activism kits distributed across the USA

activism kits pngEarly in November, Students For Liberty opened applications for our all-new activism kits! These free kits are full of awesome tabling materials to help libertarian campus groups promote the ideas of a free and open society. Highlights in every kit include “End The Drug War” posters, “Don’t Drone Me Bro” stickers, “Stop Watching Us” USB sticks pre-loaded with the anonymous Tor internet browser, and “Don’t Tread On Anyone” bumper stickers! So far, the kits have been distributed to our activists at almost 100 different college campuses in 31 different states across the United States.

Peace, Love, Liberty campaign brings anti-war message to US campuses

Our recently-launched Peace, Love, Liberty grant program is receiving an influx of applications. Interventionism in foreign policy has been a crucial element of mainstream political platforms for decades in U.S. politics, but many libertarians see a foreign policy based on restraint as an essential element in the fight for freedom and prosperity across the world. These $250 grants aim to bring libertarian ideas to an area where they are sorely needed: foreign policy. Applications are still open!

Open Letter to College Democrats met with enthusiasm

New repubOur “Open Letter to College Democrats was picked up by Graham Vyse at the New Republic, who devoted an entire article to explaining the ways in which libertarians and progressives can cooperate on certain issues. In the wake of November’s election, Students For Liberty are emphasizing that we will work with groups from across the political spectrum to promote pro-liberty ideas. We are eager to build coalitions on issues like immigration reform, the failed War on Drugs, and criminal justice reform. Read the full New Republic article here.


October was a busy month at Students For Liberty. Read the highlights of what our North American team have been up to!

Regional Conference season in full swing!

TVirginia RChis weekend sees our final two events in what has been an extraordinary Regional Conference season. During October, hundreds of students across North America have come together to discuss the ideas of liberty. From Utah to Florida, young people interested in various aspects of creating a free society heard from a diverse range of speakers, ranging from sex worker rights activists to ex-SFLers who have become libertarian economics professors.

Students across North America “Get Out The Liberty”

Our Get Out The Liberty (#GOTL) campaign was wildly successful. So far, we’ve accepted 75 applications for these $250 grants, which are aimed at activism and recruitment for pro-liberty groups on campus. Events funded by the grants have ranged from tabling and recruitment drives to our nationwide Deep Web screenings. Based on the success of the GOTL campaign, we’ve now launched our Peace, Love, Liberty grant program: aiming to promote non-interventionist foreign policy.

Ethan FSBig free speech rally at UMD

Huge congratulations to our activists at College Park Students For Liberty, who hosted a well-attended free speech rally that generated substantial media coverage. The event saw SFLers collaborate with Jim Caruso, CEO of Flying Dog Brewery, as well as other campus groups. Ethan Pritchard, the Chapter President of SFL College Park, told the audience that universities are “sending a message that it’s okay to shelter yourself and to just go without hearing other people’s opinions and that you’ll be fine your entire life, and that’s not how it is.”


July was a great month for SFL! Here are some highlights from the past month:

The Campus Coordinator Retreat

Our new Campus Coordinators came together at Towson University in Maryland to meet, plan, and be merry! This year, we’re starting our leaders on training tracks which will prepare them for different areas in the professional world such as Marketing & Communications, Development, and Event Planning. This year’s CC class is a great group of leaders with tons of enthusiasm. It’s a privilege to work with them and we are eagerly looking forward to the start of the school year and the exciting things they’ve got planned!

SFL Canada’s No Nanny Campaign

There’s been a great push from SFL Canada in their latest campaign against the nanny state and plain packaging. We don’t need the government telling us what is best and diminishing our personal responsibility — that’s the message SFL Canada wants to get across. They have a dedicated campaign website and there have been some great memes coming out of SFL Canada. The best part? It’s all leading up to the opening of a “Nanny State Corner Store” in Toronto later this week. Stay tuned for a follow-up report!


In an attempt to better share our current activities with our network, SFL is beginning an SFL Around the World blog post series. At the beginning of each month, each region will post an update to their regional blog page to share their current activities. Please stay tuned for more updates next month!

April was another amazing month for SFL’s North American team! As part of our Focus Series, North American leaders hosted four single-issue conferences on Tech Freedom, Free Speech on Campus, Free Market Environmentalism and Ballot Issues in California. These conferences were quite successful due to the hard work of SFL’s North American volunteers.Incarceration Nation at UVA

Along with hosting four single-issue conferences, the North American team officially announced next year’s North American Executive Board. The board is comprised of North America’s top leaders and is responsible for programming and community building in the United States and Canada. For more information on next year’s board, click here!

For on-campus activism, the North American team launched the Speak Freely strike team this month! The Speak Freely campaign focused on the issue of free speech, and offered a $250 activism grant for students who were looking to host free speech events on campus. The campaign was a huge success, with over 20 events being held across the US and Canada.

image03Individually, several SFL leaders stuck out for their exceptional work. The first is Utah Campus Coordinator Emily Orr. Emily Started by hosting a free speech event, and petitioning for changes to her university’s speech code. As a result of her campaign the university officially recognized her efforts and is consulting Emily in the rewriting process of the university’s speech codes. Well done Emily!

In New Mexico, current Executive Board member Marisa Salazar and Campus Coordinator Patrick Alcala, paired up with local non-profits and hosted a successful Syrian Refugee benefit dinner and concert. The event had over 60 attendees and raised almost $1,000 for the American Refugee Committee’s Syrian Relief Program. The event garnered local praise, with State Representative Bill McCamley stating “I am really proud of the students who put this fundraiser on, and everyone in the community who supported it.”dd79033f-acce-4b9e-9eee-1ba8277053d9

Lastly, at Troy University, current Executive Board member Jeremiah Baky teamed up with the Residence Hall Association at Troy to sponsor a series of fundraisers to help the people of Flint Michigan. In wake of the water crisis, Jeremiah was able to successfully raise $1,289.40. Not only did they raise money for the victims of Flint Michigan, they did it by collaborating with student organizations from across the political spectrum. In order to successfully carry out this event, the SFL team at Troy collaborated with the university’s Secular Student Alliance, Troy Students For Life, the Student Alumni Association and the NAACP. Well done Jeremiah!

If you want to get involved in campus activism with SFL, we strongly encourage you to apply to SFL’s Campus Coordinator Program. The deadline to apply is May 9th. More information can be found here.

In an attempt to better share our current activities with our network, SFL is beginning an SFL Around the World blog post series. At the beginning of each month, each region will post an update to their regional blog page to share their current activities. Please stay tuned for more updates next month!

March was another amazing month for North American SFLers! Campus activists continued to make a serious impact on campus!

To kick March off, Share Humanitywe officially launched our Share Humanity strike team! This initiative offered students an activism grant of up to $250 for activism related to refugees and immigration. Students have hosted speakers, started donation/clothing drives and tabled on campus!

As part of our Share Humanity campaign, students at Harvard hosted an open borders event with a speaker panel of Jeffrey Miron, Bryan Caplan, Valerie Vande Panne and Lant Pritchett. The event gave students at Harvard the opportunity to hear from some of the best scholars on the topic of immigration! 

Clothing DriveContinuing with the Share Humanity initiative, Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator Bela Cunningham was interviewed by a local newspaper regarding her club’s involvement in the campaign. Bela, and her campus club at the University of Florida have started a clothing drive for Syrian Refugees who are resettling in her state. To check out the full article, click here.

Beyond the issue of refugees, the Students For Liberty club at PITT made headlines with their “Pot Brownie” bake sale to raise awareness about the war on drugs. The club creatively put wrapped brownies into flower pots and sold them Pot brownieson campus. Not only did they raise awareness on a very important issue, they actually donated their profits to the family of Antania Hopkins.  Antania is an 11 year old girl from Pittsburgh who suffers from epilepsy, but can not legally access medical cannabis due to her state’s restrictive stance on it. The club donated $140 for Antania and her family to seek treatment for her epileptic seizures. To read the full media write up about this amazing campaign, click here!

Lastly, several North American SFLers were recognized for their amazing activism on campus. Campus Coordinator Marissa Gentry was awarded a $1500 activism grant from Atlas! Along with that, Eagles For Liberty at Florida Gulf Coast University was nominated for “Outstanding Student Organization of the Year” by FGCU’s Dean of Students’ Office for the 2016 Leadership and Involvement Awards! Eagles For Liberty has been racking up the accolades this year as a result of the amazing work of SFL’ers Lynanne Lowry and Emily Reynolds!

And, as always, North American SFLers sought new and creative ways to spread the message of a free society on campus!

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