November was a busy month at Students For Liberty.

Read the highlights of what our North American team has been up to!

Free pro-liberty activism kits distributed across the USA

activism kits pngEarly in November, Students For Liberty opened applications for our all-new activism kits! These free kits are full of awesome tabling materials to help libertarian campus groups promote the ideas of a free and open society. Highlights in every kit include “End The Drug War” posters, “Don’t Drone Me Bro” stickers, “Stop Watching Us” USB sticks pre-loaded with the anonymous Tor internet browser, and “Don’t Tread On Anyone” bumper stickers! So far, the kits have been distributed to our activists at almost 100 different college campuses in 31 different states across the United States.

Peace, Love, Liberty campaign brings anti-war message to US campuses

Our recently-launched Peace, Love, Liberty grant program is receiving an influx of applications. Interventionism in foreign policy has been a crucial element of mainstream political platforms for decades in U.S. politics, but many libertarians see a foreign policy based on restraint as an essential element in the fight for freedom and prosperity across the world. These $250 grants aim to bring libertarian ideas to an area where they are sorely needed: foreign policy. Applications are still open!

Open Letter to College Democrats met with enthusiasm

New repubOur “Open Letter to College Democrats was picked up by Graham Vyse at the New Republic, who devoted an entire article to explaining the ways in which libertarians and progressives can cooperate on certain issues. In the wake of November’s election, Students For Liberty are emphasizing that we will work with groups from across the political spectrum to promote pro-liberty ideas. We are eager to build coalitions on issues like immigration reform, the failed War on Drugs, and criminal justice reform. Read the full New Republic article here.


The following was written by EsLibertad Leadership Associate Victoria Ramirez.

Learn more about SFL in Latin America at eslibertad.org.


On November 13th, the EsLibertad Argentina team carried out a speaking event at the Economic Federation of Corrientes, a talk directed to 17 young people, given by Eduardo Marty, Public Accountant from the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, and an economist. Founder and CEO of Junior Achievement Argentina, the leading entrepreneurship training NGO in Argentina and President of the Education for the Future Foundation (NFTE). The talk was very productive and filled with interesting questions.




image02Venezuela has organized all kinds of events this month! They had a forum on the US elections that had more than 50 attendees, a film forum on the fall of the Berlin Wall followed by a representation of the wall which was demolished to symbolize the fall of socialism at that time.

They continued with their social media campaign #PorUnaVenezuelaLibre (#ForAFreeVenezuela) and with their regular event “coffee and ideas.” There were a lot of talks and lectures at universities. Amazing work they do in Venezuela! (more…)

July was a great month for SFL! Here are some highlights from the past month:

The Campus Coordinator Retreat

Our new Campus Coordinators came together at Towson University in Maryland to meet, plan, and be merry! This year, we’re starting our leaders on training tracks which will prepare them for different areas in the professional world such as Marketing & Communications, Development, and Event Planning. This year’s CC class is a great group of leaders with tons of enthusiasm. It’s a privilege to work with them and we are eagerly looking forward to the start of the school year and the exciting things they’ve got planned!

SFL Canada’s No Nanny Campaign

There’s been a great push from SFL Canada in their latest campaign against the nanny state and plain packaging. We don’t need the government telling us what is best and diminishing our personal responsibility — that’s the message SFL Canada wants to get across. They have a dedicated campaign website and there have been some great memes coming out of SFL Canada. The best part? It’s all leading up to the opening of a “Nanny State Corner Store” in Toronto later this week. Stay tuned for a follow-up report!


image1-23First EsLibertad Annual Report

Our first Annual Report is out! In it you will find the most prominent events in the 2015-2016 period, our outstanding leaders, and our most successful initiatives. Here are some key figures from the report: 280 leaders, 18 countries, 11 Regional Conferences, 360 events, 14,000+ event attendees and 110+ media appearances. Get to know more about Estudiantes por la Libertad by reading our Annual Report!

Finalist for our first Distopian Story Competition are presented

Estudiantes por la Libertad presented the finalists for our first Dystopian Story Competition. This initiative, developed with the support of Atlas Network, was created to promote the ideas of liberty in an innovative way in Latin America.

42 students from 11 Latin American countries sent their stories and, after a thorough revision, 15 were selected as finalists. Read their stories!

“El Engaño Populista” (The Populist Deceit), is presented with several events in Guatemala

EsLibertad Guatemala did a great job presenting the book “El Engaño Populista” (The Populist Deceit), written by Gloria Álvarez, from the Movimiento Cívico Nacional (MCN) and Axel Kaiser, from Fundación para el Progreso (FPP). This book has become key to understanding the institutional hardship that Ibero-American societies face as well as current Latin American events and the future of the continent.

The presentation of the book entailed a series of events that included appearances in the media, a breakfast, a forum, a conference in Quetzaltenango, book clubs, and a gathering called “Chelas e Ideas” (Beers and Ideas).image3-29

Estudiantes por la Libertad co-organized events for Milton Friedman Legacy Day in Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and México.

For the occasion of Milton Friedman Legacy Day, image4-32promoted by The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, local coordinators from Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, and Mexico, along with EsLibertad’s partners, organized several conferences. Friedman, the Nobel Economics Prize Winner in 1976, was not only one of the most influential economist of the 20th Century, but also one of the main promotors of the ideas of liberty in his era.

Biggest EsLibertad Regional Conference yet held in Honduras

image1Estudiantes por la Libertad keeps promoting liberty throughout the region. On June 2nd, the EsLibertad Honduras team organized a huge regional conference at Universidad Técnica de Honduras (UTH) in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. With the name “The Route to Prosperity” and the slogan “Peace, Love and Liberty,” this conference aimed to spread the ideas of individuality and social and economic liberty. This conference drew the most attendees of any Eslibertad event just yet, with close to 700 attending and featured speakers from different backgrounds: activists, businessmen, journalists, and lawyers, among others.

image3Libertad Stereo podcast is promoted in the EsLibertad blog page

If you missed our podcast, you can hear it and read the reviews on our blog. This month, we had speakers such as Mauricio Rojas, Iván Cachanosky, and Walter Castro.

Leadership retreat strengthens bonds between the Honduras team

After organizing their successful conference, the Honduras team had their first-ever leadership retreat to reflect on the job already done, plan future activities, and introduce the new coordinators to the culture of the organization.

The retreat was held at Omoa, Cortés, in northern Honduras, where the LCs met in a relaxed environment that promoted motivation and the generation of ideas.

Students for Liberty Annual Report highlights Eslibertad

Estudiantes por la Libertad was highlighted in the 2015-2016 Annual Report for regional conferences in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The conferences featured a great variety of topics and speakers, but all of them fulfilled their mission of exposing people to the ideas of liberty in creative and innovative ways. Many of these countries were holding their first-ever regional conference.

image4The report also highlighted the work done by the Ecuador team during the relief efforts of the earthquake. Their #unabotellapara initiative collected empty bottles for water and brought them to the affected zones. In the end, they managed to collect 3,000 bottles. Great job!

EsLibertad Guatemala Book Club and “Chelas e Ideas”

Local Coordinators in Guatemala held a book club on The Law by Frederic Bastiat. Besides discussions on the content, they developed an infographic summarizing the main ideas.

The EsLibertad Guatemala team also organized several “Chelas e Ideas” (Beer and Ideas) events in June, one of which had as a speaker Gloria Alvarez, who talked about how to land ideas in more impactful ways and leave behind the purely academic discussion.